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A Word About Us


Please join us in sharing God's Vision:

To impact and influence every area we are commissioned unto with God's Culture of the Kingdom of God with Evidence

(Luke 4:43). 


-Preaching the Kingdom of God

-Saving the Lost

-To Lay A Solid Foundation for the Body of Christ

-Teaching God's Principles to receive God's promises through biblical truth

-Teach how to walk in divine authority

-To exemplify the Spirit of Excellence in every area of our life

-Healing for the wounded

-Restoration to the Body, Soul, And Spirit

-To provide a Covering for Believers

-Understanding purpose to reach destiny through Christ


Preach the Kingdom of God, Advancing the Kingdom with souls, Teaching Jesus Christ to know and live out our purpose in life (Luke 9:2).


To live a life fulfilled through God's laws to influence and impact other lives, that those without Jesus Christ will also desire to become part of the Kingdom of God (John 3:4).

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